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Derek Goring’s Biodata


            1969    BE(Hons) (Civil), University of Canterbury

            1974    MS(Env Eng Sci), California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

            1978    PhD(Civ Eng), California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Work Experience

2003-present    Consultant and Managing Director with Mulgor Consulting Ltd.

2000-2003:      Principal Scientist at National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Christchurch, in charge of Coastal Hydrodynamics Group.

1992-2000       Project Director at NIWA, Christchurch, in charge of Hydraulics Group.

1988-1992:      Research Scientist at DSIR Marine and Freshwater Division, Christchurch.

1978-1988             Research Scientist at MWD Hydrology Centre, Christchurch.

1974-1978             Graduate student at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California (Fulbright Scholar).

1972-1974             Design Engineer at MWD Power Design Office, Wellington.

1969-1972             Assistant Engineer at MWD Upper Waitaki Power Development, Twizel.


Recent Consulting Reports

Goring, D. G. 2005: Waves and sea levels at Marsden Point: July 2004 to April 2005 Mulgor Report No. 2005/1.

Goring, D. G. 2005: Waves and sea levels at St Clair on 14-Dec-2004 and 28-Feb-2005 Mulgor Report No. 2005/2.

Goring, D. G. 2005: Tides on The Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia: Preliminary Study Mulgor Report No, 2005/3.

Goring, D. G. 2005: Analysis of sea levels and waves measured at Eastland Port Mulgor Report No. 2005/4.

Goring, D. G. 2005: Waves and ship surging at Salalah, Oman during the Khareef of 2005 Mulgor Report No., 2005/5

Goring, D. G. 2006: Storm surge in Bay of Plenty Mulgor Report No. 2006/1.

Mulcock, C. M.; Goring, D. G. 2006: Effect of minimum flow rules on abstraction: Halswell River Mulgor Report No., 2006/2.

Goring, D. G. 2006: Wainono Lagoon: seawater incursion Mulgor Report No. 2006/3.

Goring, D. G. 2006: MHWS at Waikuku Beach Mulgor Report No. 2006/4.

Goring, D. G. 2006: Green Island sea-level datum Mulgor Report No. 2006/5.

Goring, D.G. 2006: Waves at Salalah, Oman in the Khareef of 2006. Mulgor Report 2006/6.

Goring, D. G.; McComb, P.; Johnson, D.; Beamsley, B. 2007: Harbour Long Waves: a comparison of the infragravity wave climates at Port Salalah and Port Taranaki. MetOcean Solutions Ltd Report for Port Taranaki Ltd and Mooring Systems Ltd.

Goring, D. G. 2007: Waves and currents in Te Rauone Bay, Mulgor Report 2007/1.

Goring, D.G. 2007: Sea levels and waves at Gisborne on 6-Feb-2002, Mulgor Report 2007/3.

Goring, D.G. 2007: Mokihinui tidal hydraulics, Mulgor Report 2007/4.

Goring, D.G. 2008: Waves, tides, and currents at Port Nelson, Mulgor Report 2007/2.

Goring, D.G. 2008: Under-Keel Clearance for large container ships in Lyttelton Harbour, Mulgor Report 2008/3.

Goring, D.G. 2008: Propagation of flow surges down the Mokihinui River, Mulgor Report 2008/4.

Goring, D.G. 2008: Currents outside Lyttelton Harbour: analysis of ADP data, Mulgor Report 2008/5.

Goring, D.G. 2009: Tides at Havelock, Mulgor Report 2009/6.

Goring, D.G. 2010: Chile tsunami 28-Feb-2010: waves at Lyttelton, Mulgor Technical Note.



Recent Journal Papers

Goring, D. G. 2005: A rissaga nowcasting system. Waves 2005, Madrid, 3-7 July 2005.

Goring, D. G. 2005: An inexpensive, sustainable network for monitoring tsunami. Waves 2005, Madrid, 3-7 July 2005.

McComb, P.; Gorman, R.; Goring, D. G. 2005: Forecasting infragravity wave energy within a harbour. Waves 2005, Madrid, 3-7 July 2005.

Nikora, V. I.; Goring, D. G. 2005: Martian topography: scaling, craters and high-order statistics. Mathematical Geology, 37(4): 337-355.

Rabinovich, A. B.; Stephenson, F. E.; Goring, D. G. 2005: Tsunami detection by coastal tide gauges and the influence of IG-waves. 22nd IUGG International Tsunami Symposium, Chania, Crete, 27-29 June 2005.

Goring, D. G. 2005: Monitoring tsunami around New Zealand. Proc. 17th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference, Adelaide, 21-23 September, 2005.

Goring, D. G. 2005: Rissaga (long wave events) on New Zealand’s eastern seaboard: a hazard for navigation. Proc. 17th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference, Adelaide, 21-23 September, 2005.

Goring, D. G. 2005: What use is tide-gauge data? Hydro International, 9(9): 26:29.

Nikora, V. I.; Goring, D. G. 2006: Spectral scaling in Mars topography: effect of craters. Acta Geophysica Polonica, 54(1): 102-112.

Goring, D. G. 2006: Models for correcting hydrographic surveys. Sea Technology, August 2006: 31-34.

Goring, D. G. 2007: Ship surging induced by long waves in Port Salalah, Oman. Proc. 18th Australasian Coastal and Coastal Engineering Conference, Melbourne 18-20 July, 2007.

Coleman, S. E.; Nikora, V. I.; Melville, B. W.; Goring, D. G.; Clunie, T. M.; Friedrich, H. 2008: New Zealand-based “Sand Waves and Turbulence” experimental programme. Acta Geophysica Polonica, 56(2): 417-439.

Goring, D. G. 2008: Rissaga/Meteotsunami on the eastern seaboard of New Zealand: a hazard to navigation. Proc. International Symposium on Meteotsunamis, Vela Luka, Croatia, 19-21 June 2008.

Goring, D. G. 2008: Extracting long waves from tide-gauge records. ASCE J. of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, 134(5): 306-312.

Goring, D. G.; Stephens, S.; Bell, R. G.; Pearson, C. P. 2009: Extreme sea-level analysis using an empirical simulation technique. Proc. Coasts & Ports, Wellington 16-18 September,2009: Paper 113.

Goring, D. G. 2009: Meteotsunami resulting from the propagation of synoptic-scale weather systems. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 34: 1009-1015.



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